AGROZYM is a latest-generation biotechnological product, which belongs to the biodynamic compound category and acts as enzymatic stimulant for the plant metabolism.
It is an organic soil bioimprover for the agricultural sector and an enzymatic stimulant for the plant growth.
  • it increases the crop quality and quantity
  • it improves the fertility, the microbial population and the structure of the soils used for agricultural and forest activities
  • it improves the cultivation resistance against wounds and phytopathologies
  • it increases the number of natural bacteria, which metabolize the nitrogen, making it available to the cultivations
  • it accelerates the transformation process of organic and mineral elements not available to the plants into elements, which can be directly assimilated by the roots
  • it regenerates the microflora and the natural aerobic and anaerobic microfauna
  • it favours the environmental remediation through the pathogenic microorganism inhibition (by means of the competitive exclusion mechanism AGROZYM has proved effective to prevent the development of several phytopathologies and in particular of the mycosis).
  • it transforms the nitrogen and phosphorus compounds, which are chemically active and therefore not available as nutrients to the plants
  • it accelerates the organic compound (composting) metabolization, turning it into a high-quality fertilizer
  • it stabilizes the pH, producing the neutrality in the treated substrate
  • thanks to its high enzymatic activity, its effectiveness has proved 101000 times as high as the one of the other biodynamic compounds currently available on the market.
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